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email: info@mphouse.eu
tel.: +420 607 982 938

about MP House Inc.
MP House Inc. was established in 2007 as a publishing company. Today we have a dominant position on both the Czech (7 magazines) and the Norwegian (10 magazines) adult magazine markets. As a private publisher we belong among top publishers throughout Europe.
With 32 titles in seven European countries and two branches in Norway and Poland, in 2000 we decided to create internet and mobile divisions. Focused on B2B we are providing complete solution for the mobile market from wallpapers, animations, downloadable video clips, JAVA™ games, live and video streaming and SMS chat.
All the mentioned products are licensed as white label and are hosted on our servers because, having the experience as an ISP, we can provide professional hosting. Together with hosting we provide end-to-end delivery of our content via both our downloading and streaming platforms.
Currently one of our key interests now is wireless technology development. Activities of our technical team have resulted in launching our own player of streamed video both live and off-line: our FinePlayer application that technically speaking has almost no limitation in respect of handsets and network utilized for the content delivery.
Additionally, we are the biggest European adult internet content provider. All the licensed content can be backed up with full marketing support as print and web quality images and TV spots can be supplied.
MP House Inc. is constantly developing and implementing its Partnership Strategy looking for Mobile and Internet Content Resellers and Aggregators worldwide. We regularly attend, speak and exhibit at events like 3GSM, World Telemedia, Billing Solutions and CON4.
Since 2003 we are a member of The Network for Online Commerce (NOC) that is a not-for-profit trade association and we also joined the Wireless World Forum.
Our outsourcing solutions help our partners differentiate themselves from the competition while allowing them unlimited delivery of top-quality services with marketing support in our well-established magazines.