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mobile content portfolio
Live & video streaming solution
  • delivers video stremaing to every JAVA™-enabled phone with colour display
  • 24/7 top-quality live video stream and 1-5min off-line videos delivered on handsets ranging from N3510i to N6630/Nokia9500 communicator etc.
  • 1to1 live video chat included in FinePlayer
  • end-user and model chat via prsms within the application
  • unlimited access to All operator networks
  • highly optimised and therefore extremely small
  • billing set at our B2B client's request
  • subscription based solution
  • real-time online stats
  • daily updates for free
  • enduser can pick up the stream quality
  • dynamically customisable menu
  • operates also under EDGE and UMTS
  • multiple language support
FineClip - Java video downloads
  • unique combination of 3GP and standard Java downloads
  • suitable for all Java enabled phones with colour screen= mass market solution (cca.1 000 handsets)
  • audio support – top quality for 3G handsets
  • ultra small size (10kB) leaves max space for video
  • forwardlocked – no free forwarding allowed
  • automatic assignment of the best profile to a handset
  • pre-set amount of video playbacks possible
  • original marketing support – application menu and post-message
  • redirection from FineClip menu to wap link – avoid losing the end user
  • white label solution
  • on-line stats
  • unlimited language modification
  • top-quality images in various categories
  • available in 11 profiles
  • forward locked or DRM formatted
  • advanced protective system
  • complete delivery platform
  • real-time on-line stats
  • more than 1,000 images available
  • Billing from standard up to advanced WAP methods, PRSMS, IVR, e-commerce ... can be applied
  • On-line catalogue available
JAVA puzzle games
  • top-quality in various categories
  • available in 9 profiles
  • suitable for JAVA™-enabled phones
  • multiple language support
  • 1,000+ pictures in all categories, even non-erotic (cars, motorbikes...)
  • on-line catalogue available
3GP downloads
  • best-quality videos
  • user-friendly, fast, easy to download
  • suitable for phones with 3GP player
  • our own production provides you with a 100% guarantee of all rights and legal compliance
  • weekly updates for free