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email: info@mphouse.eu
tel.: +420 607 982 938

mobile marketing support
WEB application
Within web sub-portal application language modification, supported phone listing would be included. The application is also ready for design & content menu customization on partner’s request (guidelines). Graphics of the sub-portal would correspond to partner’s portal. The new icon/logo referring to the new erotic content would be added to the partner’s web portal menu. To order the content end users would use the billing method run by partner. For content download we can provide MP House´s delivery platform. WWW application can be hosted and run on MP House´s or partner´s server.
WAP application
click for larger...Similar approach would be used with WAP sub-portal application. Link to the new erotic content would be included in partner´s WAP portal when all the following applications are available: xhtml large/small and wap x colour/black & white. WAP billing seems to be the best and most user-friendly way of billing but any other billing mechanism can be incorporated. In case there is already a system of content presentation running, we can supply screen shots and photos of the licensed content for WEB and WAP presentation through partner’s wireless marketing tools.
Magazines & TV
Within European context MP House Inc. belongs to top publishers of adult magazines. Owing to our own production we can offer promo materials for TV spots and also print and wireless campaigns for free. We publish 15 magazines in the Czech Republic embracing 50 per cent of the adult market. There are other 17 magazines published in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Austria and Poland. Therefore there is great potential of promotion opportunities in our local magazine portfolio. All rights and legal compliance is guaranteed. With 15 years of experience with addressing adult content consumers we have gained knowledge of what content end-users are preferably looking for no matter what medium is involved. Through our magazines that already have stable audience at the market consumers’ interest in adult content can be diverted (advertising web/wap sub-portal links) to mobile-media content.